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Crisis and dysfunction

Inheritance of Crises and Dysfunction is a novel about the daunting challenges waiting at home and abroad for the next US Administration, the search for innovative responses and people asked to implement solutions.

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James Maiwurm

Maiwurm, is Chairman Emeritus of one of the world’s largest global law firms. He implemented an aggressive   global   vision   for   the   law   firm,   significantly expanding its footprint in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia and building relationships with firms in Latin America. In 2012 he was named by Law 360 as one of the ten most innovative law   firm   managing   partners.


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A very informative view of the political dysfunction in our country impacting our image and interactions with our long standing international partners. The main characters in the book are nicely developed and fun to follow. If you like following domestic policy and how it could play through the international community, you will enjoy this book.


Mr. Maiwurm has written a very contemporary book (stuck in the midst of the pandemic) with great general and long-term appeal. He manages to inform without being didactic, creating characters that are both real and worth knowing. The dialogue is very believable and moves the plot along. When I got to the last page, I wondered "What comes next?" A really good read!!

FM Kail

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